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    Emergency, Surgery, Anaesthetics
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    Intensive Care & Rehabilitation
  • Discharge, Transfer & Injury Prevention
    Discharge, Transfer & Injury Prevention

Our Vision

To deliver excellence in trauma care to the Western Trauma Network across the full continuum of care including injury prevention, pre-hospital care, acute care and rehabilitation.

Our Purpose

To support a clear clinical pathway for trauma patients by providing the full spectrum of care for moderately to severely injured patients from initial resuscitation through to rehabilitation and discharge.

Our Goals

To operate as part of the NSW Trauma Service in the management of all major trauma patients who require complex multidisciplinary care and providing clinical leadership, education, clinical support and workforce development.

In addition to the clinical responsibilities, the Trauma Service has significant roles in education, injury prevention, quality improvement and research on a local, state and national level.



Research in the field of trauma is vital to continually improve patient outcomes together with improving the trauma system, making trauma care more efficient and cost effective. Research is also a key function of the Westmead Trauma Service. The service has a reputable history of producing quality research which has assisted in the improvement of the clinical management of the trauma patient.

The Trauma Service participates in multicentre trials which underpins our current treatment of the trauma patient and is always happy to participate and discuss any research proposals.

Please contact us if you have any research you are interested in.


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To help us protect you, our patients and our staff, please wear a mask and wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser provided when you enter and when you leave.